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Street level access with ground floor and climate-controlled storage in Mukilteo

Lynnwood Self Storage / Storage Units

When you need to store your belongings, you want to be absolutely certain that your property is kept secure and safe. Safe Harbour Storage is Mukilteo’s premier self storage solution. We know that the top priorities of our customers are security, reliability, and a price point that will fit their budgets. Our storage units are clean, secure, and accessible whenever you need them, 365 days a year.

Safe Harbour Storage’s excellent self storage options provide Mukilteo residents with a perfect way to declutter their homes. Whether you own your house or you are renting an apartment, everyone could use more living space. Renting a storage unit means that you can keep only the things you need in your home, while keeping the peace of mind that comes with the certainty your valuables and possessions are safe, secure, and accessible.

Safe Harbour Storage is simply the best option for self storage anywhere in the Mukilteo area. Whether you’re moving, cleaning out your home, or simply need an alternate storage location for a while, we will have an option that meets your needs. For more information, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our different options for self storage.

How does self storage work?

With self storage, you rent access to a private storage unit that only you can access. You can use this unit to store furniture, clothing, records, or any of your other possessions. You are responsible for moving your valuables in and out of the storage unit, and they will be kept secure for you by our security. You can access your possessions any time you need, and there are no restrictions on moving your valuables into or out of your storage unit.

Safe Harbour Storage Security System

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